College guy makes his first sex tape with Holly West


Description: Jay Jay is studying broadcasting to be a radio DJ some day. He tells us that what he thinks is important in a porno more than anything is the girl. She needs to be hot and there needs to be chemistry between the actors. That's when we bring in Holly West, looking cute in skirt and pink top. Jay Jay certainly looks pleased and can't keep his eyes off her big tits. She giggles and pulls them out for him to see. He starts sucking on her nipples as he grabs them with both his hands. Then she stands up to take off her skirt and turns around to show him her big ass. He loves the pink panties she has on and gives her a couple spanks before getting her completely naked. Then he unzips his jeans and pulls out his cock. Holly wraps her tiny hand around it and tells him that she loves making hard dick nice and wet. She puts it in her mouth and begins sucking on hit hard as she strokes it. He puts his hand on her head to make her go all the way down. Jay Jay loves watching her blow him, especially when she looks up at him those seductive green eyes of hers. Now it's Holly's turn as Jay Jay lays her down on the couch and spreads her legs. He eats her pussy and makes her moan as he flicks his tongue against her clit. Not being able to resist any longer, he sticks his big cock inside her and starts to fuck her hard and fast as he watches her huge rack bounce back and forth. Then they fuck in a couple more positions until Holly finally cums. Jay Jay then jerks himself off all over her stomach and tits.

Published: Jul 6, 2016

Tags: cumshot , college , holly west , big tits

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