Tiny teen Megan Rain wants bf to fuck her very rough


Description: Megan and her boyfriend like to have fun the bedroom. They're always exploring new ways to have fun. One day they decided to make their own sex tape and when they were reviewing it Megan wasn't too happy with the outcome. They want to put it online for people to see so Megan was looking at it with a critical eye. She asks her boyfriend if he had already uploaded the video and he says no because he hasn't finished editing the video yet. She tells him if they're going to go through with uploading a sex tape they should at least give the viewers something worth talking about. Her boyfriend isn't sure what she's hinting at so Megan spells it out for him. She wants rough sex, like really rough sex. Her boyfriend gives her a devious smile and lifts up her shirt to suck on her perky tits and shoves his hand down her shorts. He asks her if she's sure she wants to do this and if she's sure he won't hurt her. Megan says yes she sure and she wants him to hurt her. Then he starts fingering her really hard with his big hand and Megan gasps and moans as he does. Then he pulls off his pants and has her suck his big cock. She tries to get as much of it down her throat as possible until she starts gagging. Then he grabs her hair and face fucks her hard, making her cause a sloppy mess as she slobbers all over it. Then he sits her on his cock and bounces her up and down hard and fast as she moans louder and louder with every thrust. She begs him to wraps his hands around her neck as he does it and grips her tightly as he fucks her harder still. She can breathe as she takes the dicking of her life. Once she cums he lets her breathe again and then fucks her in a couple more positions before cumming all over her stomach. The sex was so good that his jizz landed on her stomach, tits, and her face. Then he puts his cum covered cock back in her pussy to pound her a couple more times. That's when they realized they forgot to turn on the camera. Guess they'll have to do a second take.

Published: Jul 6, 2016

Tags: rough , megan rain , cumshot , teen

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