My Ex girlfriend sex was the best ever


Description: "My Ex and I use to hang out all the time and she was down for just about anything. We started recording our little adventures all the time and always wanted to share these experiences with everyone. I took her to the batting cage and other different activities she's never taking part in. She did pretty well if I say so myself. After that, we head to the mall in Pembroke pines and I got her to flash her perfect tits in the parking garage while I record them sexy perky. I snuck into the fitted room and caught her trying on clothing as we cracked jokes and talk. After a few hours we eventually left the mall and the sky was getting dark, rain was in sight, so we jumped in the car and head back to the apartment to relax. Relaxing didn’t really happen instead we went straight into some good sex. I am new to this uploading thing and I had to load the first part due to the way I recorded on this day. Enjoy our day out and I promise you the next video will blow your mind with how much fucking goes on with me and my ex. Now that I’m single if any of you women want to get in touch with me, just holler. Exploring new things is my middle name and I will bring lots of adventure into your life as I hope you can do for me. "

Published: Jul 6, 2016

Tags: amateur , homemade , outdoors , ex girlfiend

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