Jelena Jensen seduces her lesbian girlfriend


Description: Jelena saw that Elexis was talking to a reporter and watched him leave the house. Once he does, Jelena confronts Elexis about it and tells her to come to her room. Elexis sits down on the bed and Jelena stands over her. She goes on to explain to Elexis that having a reporter in the house is dangerous. A good reporter will find a story where a story is to be found. And this reporter is one of the best. Elexis doesn't see anything wrong with it so Jelena breaks it down for her. She knows that Elexis has been in a porno, or a nudey movie, but Elexis denies it. Jelena gives her all the details of the movie and she can see Elexis trembling but she's too scared to admit it. It is 1950 after all, and a woman having sex with another woman on camera for money is the worst scandal of all. Jelena walks up to her and puts her hand on her leg. She puts her other hand under her chin and pulls her in for a kiss. Elexis tries to pull away but ends up kissing her back. Jelena tells her not to act like she doesn't like it. Elexis should have told her that she was a lesbian, that way they wouldn't have had to have wasted all this time that they've been under the same roof. They begin kissing each other passionately and start to take off each other's clothes. Elexis gets excited at seeing Jelena's big natural tits when she peels off her bra. They lick each other's pussies and finger each other until they both cum. Then they finger each other some more and explore their bodies with their tongues before falling back exhausted in each other's arms.

Published: Jul 7, 2016

Tags: jelena jensen , lesbians , fingering , elexis monroe

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