Two college roommates have sex experiments with coeds


Description: Two roommates are anatomy majors and they're curious about what stimulates the female during sex. They want to test out their theories on any girl that's willing to be a part of it but they go about it in different ways. The first one brings the girl to the lab where he pulls out his big cock. She looks at it with a smile and licks her lips before starting to suck it. What she doesn't know is that he invented a formula that he put in her drink that makes her go cock crazy. His plan is to give this to the entire world and nobody will be able to stop fucking each other. They'll all turn to him, begging for the cure. Then he'll make his fortune selling the antidote. After a while he grabs the girl and lays her down on the desk. He pulls off her panties and then spreads her legs. Then he grabs a dildo and begins to use it on his test subject. Then he switches to his own cock as the girl smiles with pleasure. He leans over her and they kiss passionately. They then take off the rest of their clothes and the girl pulls her dress up over her head to reveal her big natural tits. He continues to penetrate her with his big cock until he makes her cum. He admits to himself that he loves watching her huge rack bounce back and forth with every thrust. Then he pulls out and cums all over her stomach and tits. Meanwhile, his roommate is back in their dorm room. He prefers a more intimate setting for his experiment. The girl arrives and he starts to play some groovy music for them to fuck to. He feeds the girl the potion and both of them start going at it. She seemed to be shy at first but once the potion set in she was down for anything. They end up fucking in multiple positions before she jerks him off all over her tits. She loves his cum and begs him for more. Looks like their hypothesis was correct.

Published: Jul 7, 2016

Tags: classic , cumshot , college , coeds

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