Asian cutie Miko has sex on camera for first time


Description: It's Miko's first time on camera. She's a bank teller but she's always had aspirations to be in entertainment. She poses for the camera in sexy lingerie and shows off her body. She tells us that her favorite position is doggy style and loves it when men worship her ass. The male talent arrives and immediately puts his hands all over her. He can't get enough of her and tells her that he bets she loves getting that beautiful face of hers fucked with a big cock. He bends her over and gives her a couple spanks as she shakes her ass back and forth. Then he tells her to rub her pussy to make it wet and she does. Then he sits her down on the couch and spreads her legs to continue playing with her pussy. She sticks two of her fingers inside her and starts to moan as her pussy starts to get wet. Then she gets on her knees to suck his cock. She loves the way it looks and tells him that she loves a big juicy dick. She begins to stroke it while sucking and then he tells her to take her hands away and he starts to face fuck her. He loves watching her try to fit it all down her throat as she looks up at him with her seductive eyes. Then she gets back on the couch and he licks her pussy and sticks his tongue in and out of her. Then he bends her over again and fucks her doggy style. She begs for him to go deeper. She starts to moan as she looks back at him and tells him how much she loves it. They have sex in many more positions until she begs for him to cum all over her face. He's happy to oblige. Miko loved it so much she can't wait do it again. She doesn't get fucked this hard at home.

Published: Jul 7, 2016

Tags: facial , miko , cumshot , big cock

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