My stepsister lets me fuck her to get over my gf


Description: All I can do right now is sit on the couch. My girlfriend just dumped me and I'm heartbroken. I can't even turn on the TV, and I don't want to go outside. I want to be distracted but then not be distracted at all. So I'm just stuck on the couch until I figure out what to do. Then my stepsister, Naomi, came into the living room, showing off her amazing legs by just wearing panties and asks if I'm ok. She had heard about my girlfriend and wanted to know how I'm taking it. She tells me that what I have to do now is go fuck someone else. I don't even know what to say to that. I've never been a guy that fucks someone just to spite someone else. But the more I think about it my stepsister is right, but that's easy for her to say. She's a smoking hot girl, and I'm a guy. It's not as easy for a guy to walk up to a random girl and ask for sex. She tells me to just message one of my friends and invite her over. I tell her that I don't know any girls that are down for that and she laughs. Apparently she thinks every guy has at least one fuck buddy, but not me. Naomi then offers to help me. I'm confused and I ask her if she means to sit here and talk and she says no. She's offering to let me stick my dick in her tight little pussy, her words. I'm shocked by this declaration and she laughs at my reaction. I tell her that's not funny and she tells me she's not joking. Naomi doesn't see the big deal since we've fooled around before. That's true but actually having sex would take things to a whole other level. She puts my hand on my leg and then takes me into the bedroom. I can't stop looking at that big ass of hers and I cave in. She takes off my pants and sucks my cock before I bend her over and fuck her doggy style. I can feel her pussy stretch with every thrust and I tell her that she's going to make me cum. She tells me not to cum in her pussy and I tell her I'll pull out. I keep fucking her and before I know it I drain my cock entirely inside her. Oops!

Published: Jul 7, 2016

Tags: big ass , naomi mae , big cock , naomi mae , stepsister

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