Jackie Bell masturbates in the sauna on her day off


Description: We find Jackie Bell at the rooftop pool and she tells us that she wants to go for a dip. It's her day off and she can do whatever she wants. We're just here to watch. She takes off her dress and shows off her amazing body in that tight bikini of hers. She goes for a swim and comes back to us to say how nice the water feels. Jackie asks us if it's alright to take a quick shower to get the chlorine off before we leave. No complaints from us. She rubs herself down real good before we go back in the shade. She admits that she's not usually wearing this much clothing when she's wet so she's going to do something to make her happy. She gets up to pull the curtain across so we can get some privacy. Then she pulls her big tits out of her bikini top. She breathes a sigh of relief and squeezes them together for us. Jackie giggles as she asks us how much we like watching her play with them. The truth is we never want her to stop. She puts her dress back on and gives us a tour of her building. One of her favorite rooms is for tenants to share, kind of like a game room. Jackie loves it for the modern furniture they have inside and because she can sit in the chairs in such a way that she can play with her pussy without anyone noticing. We can hear the people walking back and forth behind us and she shows off her pussy and begins to finger herself. Then she takes us to her favorite room of all, the sauna. She sits down and pulls out her tits again and gives her nipples a good sucking to get them nice and hard. Then she starts to finger herself as the heat begins to rise. Sweat starts to pour down her tight body as she spreads her legs wide to get her fingers deep inside. She makes herself cum and sits there exhausted and laughing. She tastes her fingers as she tells us that now she's headed to get a massage and that she's going alone. If we want to see more we'll have to watch her online. We sure will.

Published: Jul 8, 2016

Tags: masturbation , jackie bell , solo , jackie bell , big tits

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