Boxer Nikkita Bellucci getting her ass fucked again


Description: Nikkita is a fighter who doesn't let up. She trains with the best and Thomas has come highly recommended. Lucky for her he's also a babe. The sexual tension is as thick as her previous trainer's head and they both just can't resist. They go in for the kill with a kiss! With the gym locked up and left to them both, they get messy and dirty on the floor. Training's going late tonight as the sexy female boxer Nikkita Bellucci is in full-on training season again, and the sessions don't let up. Neither does she. Late nights and early mornings are what this babe is all about as she hits the bag, throwing punch combinations and boosting her endurance. Her abs are tight as you'd expect from an athlete, and her ass, by the luck of the draw, is downright holy. Nikkita is doing some sit ups but she hasn’t had any sexual contact since her last fight and the horniness is becoming overwhelming and she constantly has thought of getting her pretty tight pussy pounded. Her tits are the perkiest around and her ass is round and firm due to her workout regiment so of course, any man will love to get a piece of this beautiful fighter babe. Although she craves cock, she doesn’t want to lose the fight. She was told by her trainer that if a cock enters her pussy while she's training, it will weaken her and spoil her chances of being victorious in the ring. Thomas is her new trainer and has been watching her as he stood in a dark corner waiting for her to finish so he can start his work out. The sexy body and sweat dripping off Nikkita prove to be too much for Thomas to handle and one glance at each other causes both to break their rules. He walks up to her and they engage in a long passionate kiss, leading to Thomas licking her tiny asshole, spitting and fingering as she sends moans of pleasure throughout the gym. She drops down and sucks his cock, gagging and super deepthroating the boxers boner.

Published: Jul 8, 2016

Tags: nikkita bellucci , trainer , thomas stone , boxing

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