Peeping tom caught spying on teen Marsha May in backyard


Description: Oh, Marsha May. How is anyone supposed to resist the urge to stick their cock in you if you insist on stretching in see-through yoga pants with no underwear on? It's not fair! Bruno, the nosy next door neighbor, knows about her routine and today he decided he was going to record her so he could show all of his friends. He hid behind her backyard gate, sneaking snapshots of the sexy blonde babe until Marsha caught him and decided to teach him a little lesson in humiliation. Marsha threatens to call the cops and have him arrested if he doesn’t do exactly what she tells him to do. Bruno was scared so he agreed to do anything she wants him to do but not without complaining a little bit. After making him strip naked and making fun of his balls and wiener in the cold air, Marsha gave Bruno a chance to prove his manhood and show her what his rock hard dick looks like. Once she got his cock hard, it looked good to her and she wanted to sample the goods. She sucked him off and continued to watch it grow until she finally let him ram it into her slippery wet pussy! Bruno ripped her new yoga pants and then almost ripped her a new vagina cause of how hard he went in her snatch! Repeatedly, Marsha’s tight love-hole got drilled by Bruno’s now massive dick and he pumped away from the back doggy style. Then the horny chick jumped on top and rode his dick fast like she was possessed and she climaxed a few times. Bruno dug deep in her soaking wet pussy, ravishing the pretty freak until finally he sprayed his spunk on Marsha’s pretty face and mouth.

Published: Jul 9, 2016

Tags: peeping tom , teen , marsha may , voyeur , peeping tom

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