Outdoor lesbian lick fest with my girlfriend and sister


Description: Today is the best day of my life. I was recording my girlfriend and my step sister just messing around by the pool but this innocent day in the sun turned into an intense lesbian lick fest. My girlfriend spread her long sexy legs and my sister just dove in head first licking her horny pussy with passion. I couldn’t believe this was happening but at the same time my cock was getting hard, I have to admit it turned me on. I can tell by the expression on my girl’s face that the feeling was intense and when her legs started shaking I knew my sister's pussy licking skills were great. My parents will be home soon, so I need to make my move now if I’m going to jump in this for a threesome. I tried to join in but the girls completely brushed me off. They were enjoying each other's tongues way too much but I still enjoyed watching. "

Published: Jul 10, 2016

Tags: lesbian , pool , latina , outdoors

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