Teen brutally punished in the woods while tied up


Description: Nicole is bored out of her mind so she takes a walk in the woods to get more in tune with nature. She hasn’t been fucked in a while and craves some sexual attention. She started thinking about the last time she did get some dick and remembered that it didn’t really satisfy her needs. She’s searching for more but doesn’t know exactly what she’s looking for. Legend has it that there’s a man who lives in the woods that loves to administer brutal punishment to pretty young girls. Hoping to run into this unknown man, she struts through the woods in a short skirt with a horny cunt. Before long she gets grabbed and tied to a tree branch by the mysterious dominator. She tries very little to escape, instead welcomes the brutal dominance. Nicole seems to get a certain pleasure out of being mistreated by the Dominator, whose main target is Nicole's buns. Her reddened bum bears testament to her treatment at his hands, with both whip and switch at his disposal. She moans but in a pleasurable fashion bent over as her round ass turns red from the spanking. He lets her off the tree but still her hands are bound together giving her a chance to run. The freaky blonde just stands there inviting him to beat her ass some more. He takes her clothes off and sits her down on a tree branch and starts whipping on her pretty little pussy. The whipping is making her even hornier as she rubs and squeezes her breasts in between swings. The dominator starts rubbing on her pussy before whipping it again and Nicole loves every second of it. He bends her over and smacks her red ass hard, asking her does she enjoy this brutal punishment. You won’t believe her answer.

Published: Jul 11, 2016

Tags: bondage , outdoors , teen , bdsm

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