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Description: Lara was paired up with the class clown, Alex, to study for their language arts exam. She rolls her eyes and dreads him coming over to her place to study because she knows they won't get anything done. In her room, she's reading the passages she knows they'll be tested on as Alex eats a bag of chips and is being all around obnoxious. She powers through it as best she can and out of the corner of her eye she sees Alex put down the bag and start playing with her legs. Her eyes go wide with surprise at what he's doing and she gives a nervous giggle as she asks him to explain himself. He tells her that she needs to relax and she'll forget what she's studying because she's so stressed out. He tells her to keep reading and she nervously does as he sits on the desk behind her and starts rubbing her shoulders. He then reaches down to her perky tits and gives them a good squeeze. Lara is so startled she doesn't know what to do and lets him continue. He lifts up her shirt and makes her put the book down. He reaches into her bra and pulls out her boobs to give them a good rub down. Lara closes her eyes and moans as he does this. She had no idea this could feel so good. He takes off her shirt and bra completely and stands her up to suck on her nipples. She barely has a chance to enjoy before he's taking off her skirt and panties and starts fingering her pussy. This feels amazing and she realizes she'll do anything he asks. He takes his cock out and has her get on her knees to blow him. He grabs onto her head and face fucks her until she gags. She tells him how much she enjoyed that before he grabs her head with both hands and does it again as she looks into his eyes. They lay down on the rug and he stretches out her pussy while she rides him reverse cowgirl. Then he pulls out and puts it in her ass. He pounds it in multiple positions until he's ready to cum. He gets her on her knees and has her swallow whatever didn't get on her face. Now she's ready for that exam.

Published: Jul 11, 2016

Tags: facial , anal , schoolgirl , teen

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