Married woman Kalina Ryu is seduced by her ex


Description: Kalina Ryu aka Lily Ocean has been married for almost a year now. The relationship was great at first but enough time has gone by that now she's having regrets. Perhaps rushing into this marriage wasn't the right decision. It doesn't help that her former lover, Bruce, arrives back in her life. She'll never forget how well he would stretch her pussy with that huge member of his. He comes over to her house and as they get re-acquainted she realizes that she still has feelings for him. She tells him that he needs to leave and that her husband will be home any minute. But secretly, deep down, she wants him to stay. Bruce knows this and tells her what a liar she is. He grabs a hold of her dress and pulls her close and gives her a long, hard kiss that leads them to the couch. Next thing Kalina knows, her dress is up and her panties are down as Bruce penetrates her with his big cock. He goes balls deep before pulling out completely and then going balls deep again. Kalina always loved it when he did that. He lifts up her legs and continues to fuck her as Kalina smiles wide, enjoying the hard pounding she deserves. They move into her bedroom and the harder she gets fucked the louder she gets as she grabs fistfuls of bed sheets. She laughs as he teases her pussy with his dick before fucking her even harder still. She almost forgot how good it felt to have him so deep inside her. They bang in many more positions and Bruce makes Kalina cum multiple times. They're both drenched in sweat as Bruce turns her over and pummels her doggystyle. Kalina has loved every minute of it but the look on her face says that she won't be able to take much more of it. She tells him that she wants him to cum all over her. He pulls out and gives her a fat load all over her perky tits before she sucks him dry.

Published: Jul 13, 2016

Tags: cheating , kalina ryu , asian , wife

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