Alt Chick Joanna Angel Anal Sex Before Trip to Mexico


Description: We booked a trip to Mexico and decided to document the whole vacation. Small Hands whipped out the camera and was trying to rush me out the door - I was almost done packing, just waiting for laundry (I hate being bored in the airport) - so I offered up an idea to kill time while we waited. How about a little suck and fuck on my man's cock? I think a pre-vacation anal pounding and gaping would start things off right! I wanted to go to the airport still covered in hot sticky jizz. I wonder if that would hold us up in security. I used my charm to get his cock out of his pants, starting off with a footjob, and then I two-handed that dick and wrapped my horny mouth around it. What a great way to kill time by deepthroating his cock and blowing it to smithereens. At this point, I know I have his full attention so once I got his cock tingling I hopped on it and rode that meat into the sunset. He’s totally pumped up now, banging me so hard from the back getting my pussy soaking wet. Time is ticking but it’s impossible to stop now! He rabbit fucked me, but like a bear, if that makes any sense. I felt every single stroke in my stomach and loved it sincerely. I want to play which hole feels the best and he doesn’t hesitate to make it happen. He shoved that big hard cock in my ass, pounding away as my pussy got creamier from the anal drilling. I guess he was enjoying my ass hole because he kept banging it out right before he busted a huge load on my breasts. Now we are super late but feeling good and I'm just going to throw something on and go to the airport with his cum on me.

Published: Jul 14, 2016

Tags: punk , goth , tattoo , joanna angel

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