Masked lesbians with vibrators drain Eileen Sue


Description: Blindfolded Eileen Sue has no idea what's coming her way today, but lucky for her, masked freaks Gina Devine and Bella Baby have some serious plans for this little "blind date" of theirs! Both of these cute babes are looking sexy yet menacing in their all black outfits, and as soon as they've made out and warmed up, they go right for Eileen, letting her know who's in charge and exactly how things are going to go down today! Of course, both babes are equipped with intense vibrators, and they don't waste any time double buzzing her pantyhose-covered pussy! It's when the pantyhose come off, however, that Eileen really feels the full wrath of this vibrator fury, and as she squeals in delight, she's also the meat in their double-team sandwich, licking the pants off one while getting bent over and buzzed from behind, barely able to stand and loving every intense second of it. The masked ladies roughly pull the redhead into whatever position they desire, smacking and pulling her hair with force. The double vibrator bang proves to be a bit much for Eileen as the masked sluts hold her own however they can, choking her neck and holding her arms down. She tries several times to escape the overwhelming pleasures of the twin toys but loves the feeling at the same time. These broads won't stop until she orgasms her pussy dry. Eileen screams and moans extremely loud while her body trembles when she climaxes. Orgasmatic bitches go hard, and Eileen is about to have the blind date of her life, so check out this hardcore lesbo insanity and enjoy the show.

Published: Jul 14, 2016

Tags: eileen sue , lesbian , gina devine , gina devine , bella baby

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