Teen cheerleader drinks teacher’s cum to pass class


Description: Cheerleader Dahlia is in desperate need. She is failing English class so she decides to stay after class to see what she can do to pass. Her coach is more than happy to help her and tells her there’s an easy way to guarantee a good grade. He walks Dahlia to her teacher’s classroom and obviously they’ve done this before. He pulls the teacher, Mr. Christian, to the side and gives him $100 dollars for another bet that they had on another hot student. The coach told the cheerleader that she was, in fact, failing. What she doesn't know is that the teacher told the coach she already has a C in his class, but she doesn't need to know that. Dahlia hops on her teacher's desk and exposes her tight sexy body to him. The teacher slips open her cotton white panties and begins to play and eat her juicy, wet snatch. Mr. Christian pulls out his throbbing hard cock for Dahlia to engulf. The slutty student sucks his cock like a good cheerleader knows how and gobbles his meat like a hotdog. If she wants to not fail, she is gonna have to get her brains fucked out on his desk. Mr. Christian happily fucks her tight wet pussy in multiple positions on top of his desk and she moans with pleasure as she gets fucked hard. Thalia cums several times but still wants more so she hops on his dick and rides it until his dick is covered in her juices. Mr. Christian leaves his hot sticky cum in her mouth and makes her swallow it. She leaves with a passing grade of a C-, which she already had anyway, so the guys swindled the airhead cheerleader into fucking and sucking for nothing.

Published: Jul 17, 2016

Tags: teacher , school girl , cheerleader , teen

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