Bree Daniels and Chloe Amour are lesbian stepsisters


Description: After an overseas business trip, Bree Daniels walks into her huge empty house and decides to call for some female company. Little does she know that her stepsister, Chloe Amour, is actually the escort who will be tending to her lesbian needs for the evening. When they are face to face after years of dissociation, things quickly turn to a heated argument. Bree calls the whole thing off but Chloe will not leave until she does what she was hired to do. She wants her money or she will have to call her imp and get this handled in another way. Chloe rips Bree's clothes off, throwing them on the floor, spreading her sister's legs to begin eating out her soft, shaved pussy. Chloe nibbles on her sister's tight pussy lips in order to make her cum like a real lesbian. Showing her need for more lesbian satisfaction, Chloe jumps onto Bree's pussy and they begin tribbing passionately, begging one another for more pussy pumping action, stating she will not be satisfied until she says so. Bree jumps on her stepsister as she takes control of tribbing Chloe's hot, moist pussy. She shows Chloe how lesbians really fuck, making up for the fact that Chloe left Bree alone all these years and now that she has her in her arms she is determined to never let her go again. Their unexpected family reunion wasn’t like they imagined it would be; instead, the sluts enjoyed intense lesbian sex. One sister is a slut and, let's face it, the other is, too, but damn this warm pussy lick fest was definitely enjoyable to watch.

Published: Jul 15, 2016

Tags: bree daniels , bree daniels , lesbian , chloe amour , big tits

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