Slutty babysitter Chloe Jane Sinclair takes big dick to get paid


Description: My parents were out for the day and I was just chilling around the house with my boy. Chloe Jane Sinclair came to get her babysitting money for the week, but I wasn't giving it to her for nothing. She needed it really bad to handle a few things including her phone bill. I figured if she needed it that bad then I can probably make her do anything I want to get it. I asked her if she wants to hang out and drink or jump in the pool but she was rushing to leave. No matter what she said, I wasn’t giving her the money until she did whatever I asked. The crazy bitch tried to take the money out of my pocket and even threatened me with calling her boyfriend to beat my ass, but none of that is going tot work. I told her I will give it to her if she shows me her ass and after I showed her the money she showed me her tits and ass. I wanted to take it a bit further and have her fuck my friend so I brought up the time when she had her boyfriend over doing nasty things and I threatened her with being fired. My friend started sucking her tits and finger banging the slut and she loved it. Chloe sucked his cock like she was in desperate need of a cock in her mouth. She admits that she’s turned on by the size of his dick and wants to deep throat the rod all day. The slutty babysitter fucked him right in our living room. That bitch totally enjoyed getting railed by the big Bruno torpedo cuz when he was done drilling her pussy she was ready to babysit for free, or maybe for another fuck like this. What a cheap whore.

Published: Jul 15, 2016

Tags: chloe jane sinclair , chloe jane sinclair , babysitter , skinny , disgrace that bitch

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