Watch my hubby and me having sex in the back patio


Description: Hello everyone! I'm here with my second video. I spent a fantastic evening with my boyfriend and when we got back to our apartment we went on the back patio to enjoy the cool night air. He brought out the camera and started recording me and asking questions, recapping the day. He tells me how beautiful I am and I tell him he's just trying to make me blush in front of the camera. He tries to spread my legs and I act all coy. Then he tells me to stand up and I do. I pose for him and he tells me to talk to him in Spanish. I normally only like to speak Spanish with my family but he thinks it's so sexy. I tell him I love him with all my heart and we start laughing. He tells me to come closer and he puts his hand under my shirt and starts feeling up my tits. Then he squeezes my ass just the way I like it. I can't help but giggle when he tells me how much he loves it. Hey lies on the ground and I end up taking off his pants and start sucking his cock. No words spoken. I find that so sexy. I deepthroat his cock and I can hear him moan with pleasure. I switch between stroking his dick with both hands to just one hand and sucking on his tip at the same time. I wrap my tongue around it and slide up and down his shaft as I play with his balls. I know he likes that. I do this one move that's kinda like stroking him up and down but instead side to side kind of like an "Indian Burn" but since I made sure his cock is so sloppy wet he's got nothing to fear. He tells me when he's about to cum, like the gentlemen he is, and he stands up to drench my face with it. I love the feeling of hot cum on my face. Till next time!

Published: Jul 17, 2016

Tags: homemade , amateur , latina , real couple

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