I can't believe my husband put it in my ass!


Description: It was Stephanie Moretti's one year anniversary with her boyfriend. He was really looking forward to it since today they're going to try something new: anal sex! He calls his buddy up and tells him about it and, at the same time, cancels on attending the poker game. (Looks like they're going to have to find someone else to win all their money.) He hears her coming into the house so he gives his friend a quick goodbye and says that he'll tell him all about what happened later tonight. At that moment, Stephanie walks in and finds him at the dining room table along with a bouquet of roses. She's so touched and looks so cute as she smells them. He tells her that this is the longest relationship he's ever had so he's not sure what to do and he hopes it's enough. He's not very good at expressing his feelings and she grabs him by the arm and tells him that she understands and it's the thought that counts. He has the fireplace all set up and figures they can go be romantic over there. She laughs and follows him into the living room. They start kissing in front of the fire and he turns her on by putting his hands all over her. They start undressing each other and Stephanie gets on her knees and pulls down his boxers to reveal his big dick. She starts giving him a blowjob as she looks up at him with her big dark eyes. They move over to the couch and she puts his cock inside her as she begins riding him. He puts his arms back behind the couch and makes her do all the work as she grinds him. Her big tits flop around as she holds up her long dark hair and bounces up and down on his cock. He grabs a hold of her ass and fucks her back. Then after a couple of positions he suggests putting it in her ass and she agrees. She can't believe how deep it's going and she looks like she's in pain at first but ends up loving it. He pounds her ass until he pulls out and he cums all over her ass.

Published: Jul 17, 2016

Tags: stephanie moretti , cumshot , latina , stockings

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