Asian babysitter Daisy Haze gets fucked by her client


Description: Daisy got a sweet job in Germany. Since she's fluent in a couple of languages, she was hired by a widower, Steve Holmes, to take care of his son and teach him English. The most appealing part was being able to stay at his house rent-free. Daisy is on the phone with one of her friends from back home and tells her that about the kid. He's a total nerd that spends all day on his computer or playing video games. The other day, Daisy was masturbating and she made such a mess that she used one of her socks to clean it up. Later on she finds the kid using the sock to jack off. Boys will be boys. But more importantly, she caught his father on the toilet and she can see his cock. It's the biggest one she's ever seen. She was so turned on that she started playing with herself until he flushed the toilet and she puts her clothes back on and scurries away. Then later that night he came home drunk and was sitting down on the steps of the hallway. She sits down in front of him and asks how his night went and you can tell he was getting emotional. He wishes he could spend more time with his son and she tells him all about the day she spent with him and how happy he is. This puts a smile on his face and, as they keep talking, he puts his hands on her and eventually unbuttoned her top to reveal her tits. Daisy smiles and she takes him over to the couch where they begin kissing each other passionately. He turns her over on his lap and takes off her skirt and begins fingering her pussy. Then he spreads her legs to bury his face in it before pulling out his cock and making her deepthroat it. She can barely breathe as he face fucks her and makes a sloppy mess. Then they fuck in many positions before she opens her mouth wide to receive his cum.

Published: Jul 18, 2016

Tags: deepthroat , asian , daisy haze , younger older

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