My BF and I can't wait to get home to fuck each other


Description: I was driving my car while my boyfriend was recording from the passenger seat. The traffic was terrible and the large trucks were going so slow. There should be a lane just for trucks and my boyfriend asked me to repeat that for the camera, so I did. It makes him laugh when I get mad. It's always a pain to drive through Miami. When we get home we strip off our clothes and enter the bedroom. My boyfriend leaves the camera on the night stand so it's pointed straight at us. He gets on top of me and a second later he's balls deep inside my pussy. The suddenness of it makes me cry out as he starts to fuck me really hard and fast. I stare into the camera as he does so. It turns me on knowing that people are watching me in pure ecstasy. Then he lifts my legs up and starts pounding me some more. He has the view screen of the camera turned around so we can see what we're recording. I can see him staring into the camera from time to time, leaning back and then forward and then lifting my legs up again. He's always trying to find the best angle. My baby is such an artist. Then he lifts up the leg that's farthest from the camera so it doesn't block the view of his dick going inside me. That never even occurred to me until he tried it. Then he leans forward and kisses me hard as he continues to fuck me. His face is an inch away from mine as I put my hands on his shoulders and stare into his eyes. Then he starts sucking on my nipples and works his way down my body until he gets to my pussy. He eats my pussy real good and then he pounds me some more until he cums inside my pussy the way I like it.

Published: Jul 18, 2016

Tags: amateur , sex tape , homemade , real couple

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