Latina college roommates fuck and smoke on camera


Description: Katerin and Mayra are college students that share an apartment, and one of Katerin's horny boyfriends has a camera and wants to film them making out and smoking cigarettes. Unknown to him, Katerin and Mayra already have quite a lot of experience making out and playing around with each other. They’re each other's first lesbian lovers, so while he is trying to get them to open a fresh pack of menthols to smoke, Mayra is already licking Katerin's nipples and fingering her hot pussy. Katerin leans back and enjoys the ecstasy washing over her, even though she does not have a cigarette and is not inhaling a deep lungful of cool menthol smoke. The giggling coeds show how they share a dildo while their boyfriend vainly tries to get them to stop tonguing each other's sexy nipples long enough to light a couple of cigarettes and have some erotic smoking fetish fun. The roommates are feeling good at this point and don’t want to stop licking on each other. They work their lesbian magic with their toys and have her boyfriend in an outright frenzy. Although he’s enjoying the sexy freak session, he wants to get the main goal of the video but the girls are in an intense sexual play. When the sexy pair finally lights up, Mayra nearly falls over from the head rush of her first cigarette. Her head is spinning and she is blown away by the amazing nicotine high she is on. She immediately starts kissing and licking Katerin's tits and blowing smoke all over them, feeling great from the lesbian fun and the smoke.

Published: Jul 18, 2016

Tags: fetish , smoking , roommates , college

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