Blindfolded girlfriend gets fucked by her boyfriend’s buddy


Description: Using a red strip and a green mask for some kinky sex play is just the beginning for this fun-loving teen couple. Looking to spice up his sex life, the boyfriend convinces his girlfriend to try some new erotic things in the bedroom. Once she’s masked and can't see anything, he guides her with his voice and hands to do whatever he is inspired to do. He ties her arms to the bookshelf and starts sucking her tits and rubbing her pussy. He then gives the signal (which is a cough) to bring in the surprise substitution in the boy's team, and it comes as a total surprise for this cute teeny. His friend switches spots with him and starts fingering her fast and hard with his other hand down her throat. He pulls out his cock and throws it in her mouth, slapping it on her face, and the young slut loves it. She sucks his dick and even licks her lips when he stops to fully remove his pants. Next, he stuffs his horny cock in her pussy and pounds that wet box as hard as he can until they decide to pull the mask off. She was shocked to find out it's not her boyfriend fucking her but she didn’t give a damn, moaning and screaming, loving the cock drilling. How can she not like it when this other dude is railing her so hard she can't stop moaning pleasurably as her boyfriend watches it all like a front row seat spectator. They untie the chick and she instantly goes back to blowing his friend's cock passionately while rubbing his balls. His girlfriend is really digging his friend's cock as he mega pounds her doggystyle and drives the young broad crazy.

Published: Jul 18, 2016

Tags: bondage , mask , tricked , teen , tricked

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