Babysitter teen Sally Squirt gets blackmailed into sex


Description: Sean is looking for a new babysitter and after talking to some of his friends they all recommend tiny teen Sally Squirt. He calls the Babysitter's Club and specifically asks for her. Lucky for him she's available today and he schedules her to come over in an hour. When she arrives, Sean is pleased to find a cute girl. She's 18 years old but looks way younger, especially with those braces. He gives her a tour around the house and shows her his son's room. He's already asleep so it shouldn't be too difficult for Sally. He takes off and comes back a couple of hours later. He finds Sally on the couch watching TV and she reports that everything went as planned. Now Sean has a new proposition for her. He's looking to have her help him as well as help the baby, to do things that a wife would do. Sally doesn't understand and after too many hints she's still not getting it. He puts her hand on his cock and she is shocked and tells him how inappropriate that is. He threatens to tell her boss that she was stealing his wife’s jewelry unless she gets on her knees to suck his cock. He'll even hire her full-time to work for him so he doesn't have to ruin her reputation. Sally was so scared and after protesting, Sean wouldn't listen. So she agreed, but it's not like she had a choice. She gets on her knees and pulls out his cock. Sally gasps at how big it is and tries her best to fit it all in her tiny mouth. After deepthroating his cock, he fucks her hard and rough and she moans with pleasure. This might not be a bad deal after all.

Published: Jul 19, 2016

Tags: sally squirt , vanessa phoenix , teen , babysitter

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