Watch me fuck my girlfriend in bed after a hot shower


Description: There's nothing better than fucking my girlfriend after we're both squeaky clean. When we were done fooling around in the shower, we moved our romance into the bedroom. Her skin is so soft and so warm from being under the hot water. We set up our camera and she gets on her hands and knees. I get behind her and we start fucking. I love hearing her moan while my hands clamp down on her ass and I move her body back and forth as my cock goes balls deep in her pussy. I can see her gripping the bed sheets between her fingers as I go harder and faster. The way she looks back at the camera really turns me on. I know that I'm going to love looking at this tape once we're done. I move over and start fucking her pussy from another angle and she can feel it going against the side of her pussy. I alternate from one side to another, rubbing against her vaginal walls before sticking it entirely back in. I grab onto her torso and begin pounding her even harder, making her ass jiggle with every thrust. When this happens, she goes weak and lays her head down on the bed and just lets me have my way with her. I can feel her legs quivering as she cums. Now we switch and I have her ride me reverse cowgirl so the camera can get a good look at her tits. She grinds on cock, rotating in a circle and then a figure eight motion before bouncing up and down on it. She leans forward and grabs onto my knees to boost her up. I grab onto her ass to push before leaning her back and pounding her harder. Then I turn her around and put my hands behind my head and let her do all the work. I love watching her ride me. Then when I'm about to cum, she climbs off of me and I shoot my load all over her stomach. Another fantastic entry in our sex life. Thanks for watching!

Published: Jul 20, 2016

Tags: amateur , homemade , sextape , real couple

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