Presidential election debate featuring Joanna Angel


Description: Election time has everyone on edge especially for the officials who are extremely tense coming into this presidential debate. When the moderator walks in, the officials are looking confused yet intrigued. She walks in late with next to nothing on and money in her bra from her part-time job, which is stripping. The governor asks the slut to sign some pictures for him. The concerned people ask questions pertaining to their lives; such as, what effort the United States of America is making to help. The Governor gives great advice and shares his plan to help guys get paid all the time. They try to convince the public that his opponent has been outsourcing their American sluts to the Chinese and he swears to take action, grabbing the moderator and ripping her bottoms off, slamming his cock in her pussy doggy style in front of the everyone at the debate. Moderator Joanna loves the cock pounding and promises to vote for the horny hard cock governor. She tells him that his debate time is up but he refuses to stop until she pushes him off. It’s now the president’s turn. He takes a softer sexual approach, starting off with a nice kiss and receiving a great blowjob from the moderator. The governor gets pissed and decides to join in, banging her doggy style while she slobs on the president’s knob. This debate has turned into a tag team event. The congressman shows up and the guys gang bang the whore, double penetrating her and unloading their cum in her mouth. Joanna advises everyone to go out and vote while she has globs of jizz hanging from her face. She is a great American, and she obviously cares about her country.

Published: Jul 21, 2016

Tags: governor , politics , debate , governor , potus , debate , politics

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