High school teacher taught naughty lesson by Sophie Dee


Description: Mr. Gonz, a new teacher, had a very tough first day in class today and he tells the dean, Miss Sophie Dee, all about it after class. He feels really discouraged and thinks he might not be fit to be a teacher. Miss Dee decides to boost the young teacher's morale. Her big tits and wet pussy were all the motivation he needed. Hey, whatever works. She enters his classroom and after he tells his sob story, she feels so bad for him and comes on strong, telling him that she don’t hire fucking quitters. She tells him to be a man. He tells her how a female student keeps showing her tits and grabbing his cock and it’s hard for him to handle it. Mr. Gonz tells the dean that another student told him to eat her pussy and everyone laughed at him. Miss Dee stands him up and shows him how to deal with similar situations. She takes her huge tits out while he writes on the board then puts his hands on her massive milk makers and pushes him off as she takes the chalk and writes on the board with her big ass rubbing against his cock. The big tit dean grabs his cock and forces him to eat her pussy on the desk. Miss Dee is impressed with his cunnilingus skills and orders the new teacher to take his pants off and slurps his cock for an amazing throat banging blowjob. The nasty whore spits on her tits and quickly goes back to swallowing his rod. He’s excited to tit fuck the bodacious natural boobs right before stuffing his cock in her tight, wet pussy. The slutty dean is a professional dick rider, he soon finds out. Dee cums hard and Mr. Gonz busts a strong load all over her face and glasses as she smiles and thanks him.

Published: Jul 21, 2016

Tags: sophie dee , teacher , big tits , school

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