Czech female police officer straps on and punishes prisoner


Description: The Czechs have recently implemented a harsh point-based penalty system for driving infractions, but nobody on the police squad is as harsh as Gina Killmer, who doles out her own form of traffic justice, this time tyrannizing an innocent secretary who stopped by the side of the road in a no parking zone to answer her cell phone. Gina does not care if the woman was trying to be safe, and she gags her up and degrades her ruthlessly, sexually violating her in ways so disturbing that the poor woman will probably never drive again. She takes the woman into the police station for no reason like they always do and throw her in a dirty rotten cell. The girls explain to her the situation but Officer Kilmer doesn’t care. She starts to feel on the woman’s pussy and breast as she cries, then forces her to lick her pussy in order to have her freedom back. The innocent girl has no choice but to lick her cunt but cries and sobs the whole time she’s doing it. Police woman Kilmer gags the girl and sucks on her tits while beating her with a pair of gloves. Kilmer drops down and plays with the crying girl’s pussy, pushing her finger in while she’s still gagged. The freaky cop removes the gag and placed other things in her mouth while hand-cuffing the young, confused chick. This horny cop has no boundaries as she cuffs her, bends her over and slaps her ass hard. It gets intense when the cop grabs her strap-on and stuffs the big black rubber cock into the girl's wet pussy, pounding her little pussy deep and hard from different positions. After she’s had her fun, pounding her cunt she walks the girl over to the toilet and makes her piss while her panties are still on, and shoves the strapon in her mouth. After getting what she wants, the horny officer lets the woman go.

Published: Jul 21, 2016

Tags: femdom , kink , femdom , bdsm , gina kilmer

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