Jelena Jensen seduces lesbian Bree Daniels


Description: Jelena Jensen was over at her friend's house. They had started a small business together and were going over all the mail that they received when her friend's daughter arrives with her bestie. Both teens are looking cute in their cheerleader outfits and Jelena finds herself attracted to the daughter's friend, Bree Daniels. Apparently Bree has been spending a lot of nights over at their place because her parents are constantly fighting. You can tell that she's lonely and shy and doesn't really know how to express herself. The other night, Jelena's friend found a stack of porn magazines hidden under the bed in the guest room. The weird thing is that it was all girl-on-girl porn. It looks like she might be a lesbian. This intrigues Jelena, being a lesbian herself, but she doesn't say anything. Then the girls come back downstairs and they ask the mom if Bree could spend the night again. Well Jelena's going to be spending the night so there won't be room and, as a favor, Jelena's asked if she could share the room with Bree. Jelena doesn't mind at all and once they're both up there, Jelena asks her about her dirty magazines. Bree denies they're hers but Jelena keeps pushing and telling her that it's ok to have those tendencies. She has Bree sit on the bed with her and starts caressing her. Bree is nervous but she doesn't move. Then slowly but surely they both get undressed and Jelena lets Bree suck on her huge tits before they start eating each other's pussies and fingering each other until they cum multiple times. Looks like Jelena will be staying over more often as well.

Published: Jul 21, 2016

Tags: jelena jensen , bree daniels , pussy eating , lesbians

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