College sluts get wild and naked in the back of a limo


Description: When most people are turning in for the night, these college sluts are just turning up. They arrived in Ybor City, Florida, to party at the world-famous Honeypot for Spring Break. They're all fucked up and having the time of their lives in a limo before they even get there. They are partying it up all over town with their red cups filled with who knows what. There's even a pair of twins already topless as they dance around each other. The other girls start taking off their tops as well and pose for the cameras. They talk about their favorite movies, the kinds of girls that they're attracted to, and all of their previous adventures and misadventures. The girls even start teasing the cameramen and asking why they look so serious. They figure that if they were getting paid to look at tits they'd look a lot happier. The guys tell them that these are their poker faces and everyone starts laughing. Then they start talking about the weird faces guys make when they cum. That's something that they all can relate to. One of the girls even demonstrates on her friend how her baby daddy cums and squeezes her tits at the same time. They start talking about Catholic school and how, even though many of them attended, nobody saved their virginity for marriage. The only thing Catholic school taught them was how to be a real lady, but look at them now. Now it's time for ass and we have the girls turn around and lift up their dresses or pull down their shorts to reveal some great looking butts. Stay tuned for when these girls reach the club!

Published: Jul 21, 2016

Tags: sorority , college , coeds , spring break

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