home video from erotic Miami vacation with bae


Description: Another day in the sun just hanging out in Miami trying to find something fun to get into. Our first thought was to go bowling but that didn’t work out too well, but I didn’t care, my bae Amy was looking extra fine today and I can’t control myself. I was smacking her ass while we were walking down the street. She acted like she didn’t like it but I know she was getting turned on so I kept messing with her. We walked around a little more and just enjoyed the good weather--it's always sunny in South Florida--but once we got back in the car, she instantly started sucking my dick. I knew she could not resist my sexual play when we were walking around. My baby girl gets so horny so fast and needs my cock down her throat. I drove around while she continued to blow my meat but I had to drive slow or I probably would have crashed. Have you ever been in that situation? You know how it is, right? I’ve gotten head in the car before but the way she was swallowing my cock had my leg twitching. I was kind of scared that I might fuck up and hit something but luckily that didn’t happen. My girl is always down to do some crazy shit and that is one of the reasons why I’m with her to this very day. We really enjoyed this vacation and plan on going back to Miami real soon. Oh yeah, and we will definitely record it all.

Published: Jul 22, 2016

Tags: amateur , public , vacation , miami

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