Making a masturbation home video for my boyfriend


Description: Still in the house alone, missing my man Eric and I am horny as heck. I’m butt-ass naked and about to take a shower, and my pussy is wet. I just masturbated on camera for my man so this shower should clean and cool me down. Somehow it did the opposite, it made me horny again so I grabbed my trusty toy and fucked myself in the shower. I put the camera on the toilet and had a fun time masturbating with my favorite dildo. I wish I had a cock in my mouth right now but this will do for the time being. I like the way my ass looks on camera. What do you guys think? Would you hit that? LOL Call me a narcissist, but I am sexually attracted to myself. My body drives me to want more and more cock. After I juiced, I washed my body, getting between the crack and letting you guys see the whole thing. My best friend came over and I asked her to hold the camera but she sucks at it so I had to take control of it once again. I played with myself on the sofa with toy, tits out, and then I started playing with my pussy again. I think my bestie was getting horny watching me masturbate and an idea came to mind but I was kind of scared to ask her. While I was fingering my pussy, I noticed her licking her lips and her nipples got hard but at that point all I wanted to do is cum. I had a great orgasm and I hope you like it as much as my man did when I sent him the video. And, yes, I often masturbate in front of my friends. They are open minded and understand that I am a nympho and I cannot help it.

Published: Jul 23, 2016

Tags: amateur , homemade , masturbation , shower

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