Helpless teen Sabrina Banks handcuffed and fucked


Description: Sabrina Banks is stranded on the side of the road. Her car has broken down and she can barely tolerate the heat. Then she sees a white van driving in her direction and she waves it down. Before the driver, Bruno, gets a chance to ask her what's she doing out here, Sabrina exclaims that he's the first person she's seen since her car broke down. Well she is in the middle of nowhere, and Bruno tells her that's probably why she hasn't been able to get a signal, either. He offers to give her a lift and she jumps in the van without thinking twice. They drive for a bit and he pulls over and tells her that he doesn't give rides for free. Sabrina doesn't have any cash on her but she does have a debit card so as soon as they get to an ATM she can give him some money. Bruno doesn't want her money, he's looking for more than that. He grabs her hand and handcuffs her to the steering wheel. He grabs her by the hair and pulls out his cock with his other hand. He tells her this is what he wants and she's not going anywhere until it happens. He brings her head down on his cock and makes it disappear down her throat. He face fucks her hard and she can barely breathe as he holds her down. Then he cuffs her hands behind her back and pulls down her shorts before turning her around in her seat. The upper part of her body is sticking out of the passenger window as he fingers her ass and pussy at the same time. He keeps going faster and faster until he makes her cum. Then he takes in the back of his van and ties her up and gags her. Sabrina gets fucked in multiple positions and there's nothing she can do about it. Bruno keeps going until he cums all over her pussy.

Published: Jul 27, 2016

Tags: bondage , kink , sabrina banks , bdsm

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