Hotel room sex with my ex girlfriend


Description: The next day of our vacation, my exgf and I were walking around Miami, and while we were enjoying the sights, I could tell that Amber just wanted to go back to our hotel room to fuck. As we're walking down the hallway, I tell her to show me that cute ass of hers and she pulls down her jeans for me. I get in close with my camera and she giggles as I tell her how hard she's making me. I put the camera down and you can see my cock about to burst through my shorts. We enter the room and I follow her to the bed where she plops herself down. She has that look in her eyes that signify she's craving it hard. I ask her what she thinks she should do to make me happy and she sits on the edge of the bed and starts feeling me up. She giggles again as she tells me how hard I am and plays with my dick. She then gives me a striptease and I squeeze that ass of hers good. Then she gets back on the bed and starts to suck me off as she looks up at the camera with those big brown eyes of hers. Amber loves how big my dick is and strokes it while sucking my balls. Then I lay her down on the bed and stick my cock in her pussy. Her moans are so cute every time I go balls deep. She can barely take it and she bites her lip and grips the bed sheets as I pound her hard. Then she sits on top of me and bounces up and down on my cock as I play with her perky tits. She likes it when I start fucking her back as she's on top and she starts to moan louder still until she cums all over my dick. The sound of her orgasmic screams makes me cum as well and I shoot my load inside her pussy. Good thing I had a condom on.

Published: Jul 27, 2016

Tags: sex tape , amateur , homemade , real couple

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