Stepsister choked and fucked by her disrespected brother


Description: Cadence Lux thinks she can have a bathroom all to herself and she doesn't give a damn if her step-brother is late for work because of her. Fuck that bitch! This tattooed dude will teach her a brutal lesson in good manners by pounding on the door and cursing her out. When she doesn’t respond the way he wants her to, he roughly grabs his step-sister and takes her into his bedroom and slams her on the bed, ripping off her shirt and choking her neck hard as she talks shit. He stuffs his cock in her mouth and rams it down her throat, pulling her head towards his hard dick and forcing his meat in her mouth. She begs and pleads but it’s just too late as he rips her jean shorts open and shoves his cock in her pussy. He brutally fucks her brains out in his bedroom. Dirty slut, she can play victim all she wants, but you know she's really enjoying it because she always secretly wanted to fuck her stepbrother. He continues to choke her while pounding her tight wet cunt and squeezes her tits. Cadence screams but he covers her mouth and keeps drilling her wet pussy. He wants to make sure he teaches her a lesson so he bends her over and pounds her form the back as her round ass bounces and jiggles while he’s digging deep into her stomach. Even though her brother is taking the pussy, the whore likes the dick pounding and cums multiple times. Then she takes a strong load to the face and jumps up threatening to tell their parents.

Published: Jul 27, 2016

Tags: rough sex , cadence lux , cadence lux , stepsister , stepbrother

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