Making love with my BF in the lingerie he bought me


Description: Hey guys! We're back with another gem for you. My boyfriend was holding the camera as we went window shopping. I kept teasing him about all the stuff he's going to buy me and how I'm worth every penny. We stop first at Victoria's Secret, and the nightgowns they had on display were so sexy. I told him if he bought me one, I'd wear it for him tonight. Next thing you know, I'm walking out of the store with a Victoria's Secret bag. I take the camera from him when we get in the car so he can drive and I can see how excited he is for tonight. I tell him how excited I am and that he's definitely in for a big treat. When we get home I hand the camera back and I go to the bathroom to change into my cute little pink nightgown. I walk out and there he is, holding the camera still. I walk up to him and get on my knees and I start sucking his dick. He loves the way I wrap my tongue around it and I can hear him moan when I do. Then I lay back on the bed and lift up my gown for him to fuck me. I tell him how badly I want him inside me and I guide his cock inside my pussy. I can't help but moan with every one of his thrusts. It feels so good. He hands me the camera and I record him pounding me. I love watching it go in and out. I pull down my gown to reveal my tits for the camera and my boyfriend caresses them just the way I like it. My nipples get so hard and I tell him that I want him back inside me. He pounds me so hard that I cum and I tell him I love him over and over again as I do. I can tell that he's about to cum as well and I tell him to cum on my face. He pulls out and shoots his load all over me. I tell him how good it feels as I lay back exhausted on the bed. Till next time!

Published: Jul 28, 2016

Tags: sex tape , homemade , amateur , real couple

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