Andrea Kelly fucks her stepdad to get out of studying


Description: Andrea Kelly was falling behind in school and it was up to her stepdad to help her improve her grades. He's sitting with her on the couch with her textbooks open, but Andrea can't focus. All she wants to do is go out with her girlfriends and not study at all. Then she has an idea. She tells him that she's pretty good at fucking and she sees how he looks at her. Her step-dad doesn't know what to say and she tells him it's okay. No one has to know. She reaches for his cock and he pulls away from her. Andrea laughs and tells him to watch and she unbuttons her shirt to show him her perky small tits. Her step dad finally agrees but they have to at least get some work done. Andrea says yes and unzips his pants to pull out his cock. She's knows about his reputation of having a big cock and she's always wanted to see it. It's bigger than she imagined and she starts to stroke it as they go over one of her lessons. Then she starts sucking his cock and her stepfather moans with pleasure. Once his cock is really hard, she sits on top of him and he grabs her big ass and starts pounding her hard. Then he turns her around and spanks her Latin ass as she bounces up and down on top of him. In the battle of older vs younger, daddy prevails. He fucks his stepdaughter in a few more positions before having her taste her pussy on his cock. Then he puts her on her hands and knees and fucks her doggystyle. She can barely take it as he makes his big dick disappear inside of her. He grabs onto her arms and pounds hard and fast until he makes his step daughter cum. Then she gets on her knees to take a cumshot to the face.

Published: Jul 28, 2016

Tags: andrea kelly , stepdad , latina , stepdaughter , andrea kelly

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