Crazy college sluts get naked for summer break boat party


Description: Today we got ourselves a boat party and we have some wild sluts that are competing for cash to be the "craziest girl". They have their work cut out for them. We have rows of boats lined up with people partying it up on their summer break, but all of their eyes are on our boat. The girls start to dance one by one, and then in a group. Some are already naked and others give the cheering crowd a striptease as they undo their bikinis and take off their shirts. We start yelling at the boats saying we need more girls for the contest and, sure enough, they start flocking to us. These girls are shameless as they join in with the others. You can't deny that these girls get creative with their dance moves. They grind on each other and they start making out as the crowd cheers. We give a shout out to a boat full of girls that's passing by and they start taking off their tops and dancing as they pull in next to us. The bigger the crowd gets, the more girls want to join in. And with the megaphones, we tell them to come up and be contestants. The music keeps playing and these girls do not let up. We introduce each of our contestants and the contest officially starts. These girls dance like there's no tomorrow and feel each other up as they flash the onlookers. The girls pull out cans of whipped cream and lick it off each other's bodies. We have cameramen covering this from all angles as these girls cover themselves in whipped cream. We ask the crowd if anybody has bananas so the girls can make some sundaes up here on the deck.

Published: Jul 28, 2016

Tags: boat , sorority , party , college

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