Stepsisters Britney & Kagney have sex with stepdad


Description: Kagney and Britney are stepsisters from different marriages and, coincidentally, they both started working at the same place: Nuru Massage. It's the kind of place that gives more than just massages to their clients, so it was awkward at first knowing that their stepsister was fucking guys in the other room. Time went on and things got cranked up to eleven when a client requested two girls for his massage instead of the usual one. The stepsisters got paired together and the thought of both of them serving the same dick at the same time was too much for them to handle. They decided to have a talk beforehand and sort of shake off the weirdness and they became comfortable enough that they could do this. What they didn't expect is that the client in question was their stepdad, Tommy Gunn. He was just as surprised as they were but he didn't see the big deal. After all, he was just here for a massage. First timers, they never have a clue. The girls take him into the other room and undress him when they notice just how big his cock is. They start to get into it as they all hop into the shower together and rub him down and put on a show for him as they soap each other up in front of him. Now it was time for the bath and the three of them hop in and that's when they tell him about the next part of the process. They have him sit on the edge of the tub and they give him a double blowjob. The way these sluts were looking up at him with those innocent faces of theirs, you'd forget that they were blowing their stepdad. Then it was time for the hot oil massage and Kagney lets her step-dad slip his cock inside of her and makes it look like an accident. Britney knew it was no accident and laughs as she calls her sister out on it. Kagney knows Britney's going to be pounding this dick as well and they both take turns getting fucked in multiple positions until they cum. Then Tommy jerks himself off into Britney's mouth and she shares it with Kagney.

Published: Jul 30, 2016

Tags: stepdad , massage , kagney linn karter , britney amber

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