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Description: Karla Kush was getting a sun tan outside in the backyard. She really enjoys the house that her boyfriend Paolo bought for her. But he's never really around. He's paid everything for her, including her college tuition, but all he wants from her is sex. Today Paolo shows up with a gift bag and Karla is all excited because it's her birthday tomorrow. She begs him to spend at least one night here at the house with her and go skinny dipping in the pool the following morning. He says he doesn't have time and he has to go to Paris on a business trip. She gets upset and when she looks in the gift bag, it's lingerie and she knows that's really a present for him and not her. She throws it down on the grass and sulks. He tells her that he doesn't like the water, and he never has. He's sick of having to explain that to her and if he buys her something, then she should say, thank you, and wear it. He takes her inside and makes her put on the lingerie and get on the bed. She starts sucking his dick and, in between choking on it, she goes on about how Paolo is always a dick to her and just uses her for sex and yet she can't resist him. He tells her that they should just cum and then he can leave and she can be left alone to do whatever she wants. He puts her on her back and eats her pussy until she cums. He's just too good at it and Karla craves him all the time. Then he sticks his cock inside her and pounds her in multiple positions and makes her cum over and over again. Then she strokes his cock so fast and hard that he cums all over the place. She licks him clean and he says thank you and gets dressed to leave. She has a sad look on her face and he tells her not to worry. He'll take care of her for the rest of her life.

Published: Aug 1, 2016

Tags: deepthroat , gagging , big cock , karla kush

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