Latina chick watches me flash and jack in parking lot


Description: What's going on fam, this week I decided to try my luck with a parking lot again. I saw this cute girl get out of her car and head into the store so I decided to park next to her and wait for her to come out. I rolled my window down, pulled out my cock, and went to work. It didn't take long for her to get back. I only saw one box under her arm and she was on her cellphone talking to her friend. She opens the door to put away what she purchased and she was telling her friend that she was on her way home. When she closes it and goes to open the driver's side she sees me out of the corner of her eye. So by instinct she glances in my direction and sees me jerking my cock. Her eyes go wide and her mouth drops when she realizes what is happening. I love the look on their faces when it takes them a moment to process a flash. She tells her friend on the phone about me and she can't believe that I'm in the parking lot doing this like it's not a big deal. Welcome to my world. I knew this one would cross the finish line with me because instead of leaving she started asking me questions. She was genuinely curious. "How can you just be doing that?", she asks. I tell her I'm waiting for my friend. I'm about to explode and I ask her to watch me until I cum. And a moment later, I let go of my dick and a load shoots out of me. She looks at me again like a deer stuck in headlights and tells her friend that I just came all over the place. She asks me if she could take a picture to send to her friend and I tell her, of course. She leans in close to snap it and sends it. Then she says "goodbye" and gets in her car to leave. Tune in next week!

Published: Aug 1, 2016

Tags: flasher , public , flashing , flashing cock

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