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Description: Interactive porn queen and cosplay enthusiast, Lelu Love, is seeking bad boys that she can punish. She wants to let you know who the boss is as she sits looking sexy in her police officer’s uniform, ordering you to take your cock out your pants nice and slow. But don’t cum too quick because she wants to milk the nut out of you. This jerk off instructions (joi) video will do just that as she unbuttons her shirt with nothing underneath, just her sexy tits. Lelu exposes her boobs and ensures that she won’t hold out on you at all. The sexy slut opens her legs wide, exposing her pretty pink pussy all in your face. She lets you know not to worry because her pussy wants all of your cum. Lelu calls for a 69 on her walkie-talkie then bends over moaning and shaking her nice round ass, begging for your backup. Fishnet stockings and high heels fuel the fire as she spanks her own ass with her belt and lets you know how much she loves to be spanked. This nympho plays with her pussy and talks to you the entire time. She wants to make a deal with you: if you cum on her cunt, she’ll let you out of that ticket, but your load has to be warm. Her legs open and her pussy is wet, waiting for you to bust a strong load all over her now. She begs for you to give her all you got as her pussy puts out the call of the wild. If you break the law then you have to answer to this sexy officer, but if your cock is not ready, you will suffer greater consequences.

Published: Aug 2, 2016

Tags: police officer , joi , lelu love , uniform

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