Jennifer Dark takes big dick, receives Big Mouthfuls


Description: Today on Bangbros, we have Jennifer Dark with us to shoot for Big Mouthfuls (BMF10406), and this beauty is to die for. She hails from the Czech Republic and we can't get enough of her accent. We had her pick out an outfit from our wardrobe department and she decided to wear a great top that really highlights her big tits. She tells us that back home there's no way she could wear something like this. Good thing we're in Miami then. Down here it really doesn't matter. I ask if I could see her boobs and she pulls them out for me. I'm already a fan of freckles and what's so hot about Jennifer is that she has freckles all over her tits as well. I tell Roman to come over feel her up and he's impressed with how perfect they are. She loves it when men worship her tits and Roman gets to work on feeling her up and sucking on her nipples to get them nice and hard. They're getting excited and I tell her to give Roman a handjob while she continues to talk to me. Jennifer has done over 200 films and she hasn't gotten tired of having sex. She loves having sex with gorgeous guys so she definitely got into the industry for the right reasons. Her biggest turn on is kissing and being intimate with her lovers as they're doing the deed. And she loves getting a load of cum in her mouth, and the way it feels on her face. When she says this, it almost makes Roman cum, and they haven't even had sex yet! Jennifer gives him a blowjob before they get naked and she sits on his dick and starts bouncing up and down. She moans as her pussy gets stretched and he grabs her by the waist and fucks her hard. Then he pounds her in a couple more positions before he busts his load in her mouth for her to drink.

Published: Aug 2, 2016

Tags: jennifer dark , eva teggerova , cumshot , big tits

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