Mercedes Carrera teaches babysitter Sara Luvv a lesson


Description: Mercedes Carrera is ready to go and asks her husband if he had called the Babysitter's Club. It turns out he didn't and he doesn't want to do it so, yet again, Mercedes has to take care of things herself. She calls them and the only girl that's available right now is Sara Luvv. Mercedes had a bad experience with the last babysitter so she threatens to take her business elsewhere if anything happens this time around. As it turns out, Sara is only a few minutes away and arrives just in time for the married couple to show her around and leave. Sara seemed like she was responsible, having been a babysitter all throughout high school and into her first year of college, but as soon as they leave, Sara pulls out her camera and tripod and begins recording solo videos for her website on Team Skeet right there in the living room. She's in her underwear and starts talking to her fans about what a bitch Mercedes is, but that her husband is cute. Perhaps if this job pans out and she comes back, she'll try to fuck him. Just then she hears Mercedes yelling at her and she quickly turns around to see both of them standing there. As luck would have it, in their hurry to leave, they had forgotten the tickets to the show. Mercedes is shocked at what she's doing while her husband can't help but laugh. Mercedes tells Sara not to move and she and her husband sit down on the couch in front of her. She tells Sara to turn off her camera and to give us the show that she was going to give her fans. They both watch as Sara gets completely naked and plays with her pussy for them. She moans as she sticks her fingers deep inside her tight pussy and Mercedes suggests they move this into the bedroom. She makes Sara choke on her husbands big cock before giving him a double blowjob and they each get fucked in multiple positions until her husband shoots his load across both of their faces. This is exactly what Mercedes needed in order to unwind.

Published: Aug 2, 2016

Tags: mercedes carrera , threesome , babysitter , sara luvv

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