Helpless Teen Latina Michelle Martinez Fucks For Ride


Description: Michelle Martinez has been walking for hours in the hot sun. At least she has a sports drink she's been carrying around, but even that is almost empty. All she has to guide her is a dirt road that seems to stretch on for forever. Her feet are in pain from walking in flip-flops and she can't take one more step. Then she hears something and turns around and spots a white van driving in her direction. She's so relieved and waves it down. The man driving, Bruno, sees her and pulls up next to her. He rolls down his window and she clamps onto the car and begs him for a ride. He offers to take her to the nearest gas station and she hops in. It turns out the reason she was out here was because she got into a fight with her boyfriend and he kicked her out of the car. She mentions that, while she loves him, she doesn't love him enough to deal with his other girlfriends. Bruno does a double take at this news and asks her what she means. Michelle's boyfriend is a pimp and Michelle is one of his escorts. Bruno knows this is the perfect time to pull over and tell her that this ride isn't free. She explains that she doesn't have any money for gas and she don't have grass, but Bruno tells her not to worry. He's not a scumbag like that, he's after something else. He tells her to show him her tits and she pulls them out. So far so good but that's not enough for Bruno. He makes her take off her shorts and spread her legs on the passenger seat. He tells her to show him her pussy and she moves her panties over to the side for him to see. That's as far as she's willing to go but Bruno wants to take this all the way home. He tells her to spit in her hand and rub her pussy but she refuses. He yells at her and leaves her terrified as she does it. Then he lunges at her and ties her hands together and forces his big cock down her throat. Then he takes her to the back of the van before he fucks her in multiple positions with Michelle being helpless to do anything about it.

Published: Aug 3, 2016

Tags: bondage , michelle martinez , teen , bdsm

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