Teen doll Elsa Jean tied up and fucked by stepdad


Description: Tommy Gunn had a bad day at work today. He steps through his front door and is relieved to finally be home. He drops his suitcase on the floor and heads towards his bedroom. The only thing that will relieve his stress is waiting for him there. He walks in and finds his stepdaughter, Elsa Jean, exactly where he left her. He has her all dolled up in a pink dress with a pink bow, fake eyelashes and makeup. That innocent face of hers knows what's in store and looks away as Tommy tells her what's about to happen. She tries to free herself from the straps that are wrapped around her arms, but it's hopeless. Her stepdad tied those knots himself and she's not strong enough to break free. He gets on top of her and caresses her face as he tells her how much he loves fucking her. She forces a smile as he turns her around and makes her get on her hands and knees as he lifts up her dress and pulls down her pink panties. His tongue goes deep inside her teen pussy and Elsa shuts her eyes as she tries not to get excited but she can't help it. Then Tommy turns her around and makes her suck his big cock as she looks up at him with those big green eyes. "You like this daddy?" Elsa repeats from time to time, knowing that's what Tommy wants. "Am I doing it right daddy?" she asks after trying to deepthroat his cock. He pushes her on her back and spreads her legs wide for him to penetrate her. She bites her lip as her tight pussy stretches for her step-dad's big dick. She's never been able to take all of it inside her without it hurting and that's fine by Tommy. She feels so dirty enjoying him inside her but she won't give him the satisfaction of knowing that he's made her cum on multiple occasions. He pounds her hard in a couple of different positions and while she tries to resist she cums yet again. Then she begs him to cum all over her face and she opens her mouth to catch some of it on her teenage tongue.

Published: Aug 3, 2016

Tags: stepdad , stepdaughter , teen , elsa jean

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