My lover and I enjoy 69 foreplay while recording ourselves


Description: It's been a while but we're back with another video. I really had no idea until we started filming just how time consuming it is. We have hours of stuff and we even learned how to do some basic editing to bring you nothing but the best. We even got our friend to help us as well to catch those hard to get angles when we're busy in the act. On this night my lover was holding the camera and as I was doing a dance for him. I pull my panties off from underneath my dress and fling them at him before I show of my tushy for the camera lol. I lower the dress down under my tits as I continue my striptease and then I tell him it's my turn to have some fun. He lies on the bed and I sit on his face as he licks my pussy. He holds the camera from the side as he goes at it. He's getting good with figuring out how to hold it and I was happy with how this shot turned out. I can't help myself and I pull out his cock and start sucking him off as he sticks his tongue in my pussy. I start to giggle with how good he makes me feel. I'm so ticklish down there that I can't help myself. He starts to finger me and I moan as his fingers go deeper and deeper until he makes me cum. Then I take the camera from him and I start posing for it. I shake my ass in front of it and I get a close up of my tits before I start playing with my pussy again. I can't get enough of this camera! I love staring into the lens knowing that anybody could be watching once this is uploaded. I hope you guys do, every single one of you. Maybe we should try webcamming next. What do you guys think?

Published: Aug 4, 2016

Tags: amateur , homemade , couple

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