College sluts and stripper roommates party it up


Description: Tonight we have a party going on in one of our coed's apartments and everyone is partying it up. These girls have stripper roommates and by the time we have the camera rolling there are single dollar bills everywhere. I look to see where everyone went and I find one of our guys taking pictures of these crazy sluts in the bathroom. One of the girls is doing all these crazy poses, you can guess that she's the stripper everyone is talking about! And the other girls are doing their make up. We tell them to get ready to play some drinking games and we go outside on the balcony and the rest of the girls follow. The stripper has all of these singles under her thong and shakes that ass for us. We ask the girls if they can pull their tits out for us and they do. Those perky tits are looking fine and you know they love having their nipples played with if their piercings are any indication. We have them do some more poses for the camera and our guy snaps a couple of shots and hands them the camera. They appreciate how good they look in the pictures and are loving the attention as we're basically giving them a photo shoot.

Published: Aug 4, 2016

Tags: sorority , college , stripper , coeds

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